New here

HEY people, giving you all my blessing and hope your having the best day of your life.

i am a new member , hopefully some of you will reply and find some engaging voices that can connect with me and share the same situation.

i suffer from ADD, well lets not call it suffer or misery its some kind of enjoyment of sorts. its like i am living inside of my mind literally. yesterday i have been watching the new animated movie INSIDE OUT , if like those characters that they inside of the person mind is similar to what to what i deal with its like i am living with them the 5 emotions controlling me. its kinda funny, sad , surprising and amazing at the same time. dealing with loneliness and trouble speaking to people. even though i have ADD but in some way i feel like we sharing this disorder or magic box inside of us , makes us feel intelligent, no it doesn't make us feel that way. WE ARE intelligent in everyday possible.

Hi, Leo, we're glad you are here.

Yes, there are some traits many of us share. I'm glad you reinforced the fact that we're intelligent every day! Some days are more scattered, some more focused. It's easy to get stuck on emotional feelings but change happens and life is good.