New members! Take a quick look at their profiles

Hey everyone on the ADD forum, Seenie here from Modsupport. We have two new members this week:
@CrystalAura, who is a musician, and @Hailey both adult members with their own challenges.
You can read their stories by clicking on their @tag right here on this post.

Both of them received their ADD/ADHD diagnoses in adulthood, and they are wondering what coping mechanisms people here can help them with. I’ll let Hailey and Crystal add to the post to fill you in. Meanwhile, they’d probably like a friendly “hello” from us! Click “Reply” and away you go!

All moderators, administrators and ModSupport team members on Ben’s Friends are, like you, rare disease patients. We get it. And when somebody like Hailey arrives saying,

“I find a huge problem is that my support people don’t understand my symptoms.”,

although I don’t have ADD/ADHD, I so get it. My disease is Psoriatic Arthritis, which has severely altered the course of my life. I have lots of friends on my Ben’s Friends community who get that. Thank goodness: it makes comments like “Oh yes, we all have our aches and pains” (from a good friend, no less) a bit easier to take. We all need some people in our lives who understand what life in the rare disease space is like. And that’s one of the reasons we’re all here.

So let’s share a few friendly words with Hailey and Crystal!

And all the best to all of you!

Seenie from ModSupport

copy to: @trust_level_0