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Welcome to Living With ADHD! An online Support group for patients, friends and families affected by ADHD or ADD. ADHD is a problem with inattentiveness, hyperactivity, impulsivity, or executive functioning and organization. Individuals with ADHD may find it much more difficult to focus on a task, particularly an uninteresting one, without being distracted. They may have greater difficulty in controlling what they say or do and may have difficulty sitting still or keeping silent in situations where it is expected. Impulsivity, restlessness, and poor risk assessment may be characteristic. On the other hand, ADHDers are known for creativity, out-of-the-box thinking, and unique problem-solving abilities.


Join our open discussion forum for patients, friends and families affected with ADD or ADHD.
We love to hear you stories and information about treatments, symptoms and side effects.

Emotional Support

Having a rough day because of your ADHD? We’re here to listen.

Symptoms and Treatments

Share to us the treatments that had helped you resolve your ADHD or ADD symptoms.

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Our mission at Ben’s Friends is to ensure that patients living with rare diseases or chronic illnesses, as well as their caregivers, family, and friends, have a safe and supportive place to connect with others like them.


Anyone whose life has been touched by a rare disease is welcome in a Ben’s Friends community. Most of our members are patients, but we have spouses and parents, besties and caregivers here as well.