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well let me introduced my self my name is Thomas bishop and i am a high school junior i plat trombone and i have ADHD. well it not that it a problem it that i becoming a problem. i just an ordinary 16 year old with divorced parents but my i don’t know if it my adhd or something else but now for a… i think a year that i have been feeling a little lost. but i’m also a devoted Christian but that doesn’t stop my doubt from happening. not only do i feel alone but i trust no one at all except for like 5 people and that it. and i am starting to believe that no one cares. and that i’m the biggest disappointment. but my love life is bad. let me put it this way there is now a wall surrounding my heart so that it doesn’t break.i gotten to a point my school i have become slowly become an outcast (also one of my favorite series by john Flanagan)
the thing is…well… you know how i told you how i feel alone that the biggest problems i have been having it like when i want to be alone i what a friend but when i want a friend i’m all alone.
my anger is a problem is as the same as mark twain said " everyone is a moon and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody"

so i need some advice to help me thank you and remember tomorrow is another day

Hello there Thomas!

As an older (okay, just ‘old’!) woman, it’s tempting for me to suggest that some of the feelings you’re experiencing are likely to do with being 16. Being young is wonderful, being young is also a very hard number at times! And that’s about as much as I remember.

There again, I do not have ADHD, I’m just a moderator support person. And I do realise that connecting with others who are experiencing similar challenges is the one main reason you’re here. So might I suggest that you go to the search function and see if there are any fairly recent posts that you particularly relate to? You could then reply to a few of those if you wish and perhaps that would help the process of getting known here and finding the people who will truly be able to advise and understand.

FWIW I am now going to investigate the author John Flanagan, sounds interesting!

Wishing you all the very best,

Christina from Moderator Support


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