School Again 2014-2015

I'm sure many of you have been very busy with school starting, whether you have school-age children or you are a student yourself. When my sons were young, getting on track was always a challenge. My youngest had what we call in the US a 504 plan that listed accommodations (like helping to monitor his use of a planner) to make it more likely he'd succeed in school.

Please share what kinds of routines or strategies are most helpful for you or the students in your family, and why. Include favorite online resources if you use them.

Wishing all students and parents a year of successes!!!

My daughter has a brain injury and ADHD due to that. She's 8, repeating 2nd grade this year and has and hopefully always will have an IEP. Individualized Education Plan. There's an Instructional Assistant in her class but she has not been granted an aide. So the IA helps keep her organized, etc. Her special ed teacher is the best resource we have, they have to put the time and resources into their kids and it makes all the difference. I'm in SW virginia.

I’m glad to hear your daughter has this support, and wish you both a happy school year. May I ask, does the special Ed teacher supervise or review the IA’s providing IEP support? And is communication with parents mostly through the Special Ed teacher?

The IA takes direction from the regular teacher, I believe. She's more or less an extra set of eyes and hands for the class. Her sp ed teacher is her reading small group leader and she works with the regular teacher on any accommodations that need to be made for Olivia. I communicate with both reg and sp ed teacher, but yes, the sp ed teacher is Olivia's "case worker" if you will.

Happy November 1st! I miss walking through colorful leaves with elementary school students. Does anyone have a school story to share?