504 Plan?

My son has been diagnosed ADHD and Dyslexia. His school says he does not qualify for a IEP, because they say it’s the ADHD that’s causing his difficulty in learning, and are totally ignoring his Dyslexia diagnosis, they say Dyslexia is medical. However they do agree that he is Dyslexic. Well anyway he now has an appointment Friday to see if he will qualify for a 504 Plan. What are some good ideals to have on his 504 plan if he does qualify? Any ideals are accepted.

Shawna, did both the school and an outside provider evaluate your son?

His doctor and the school psychologist has. Should I request an outside psychologist to evaluate him?

Probably not. Do the doctors and the school psychologists evals include suggestions about accommodations and services that will help your son in school, both with dyslexia and ADD/ADHD?

The school is only considering ADHD, and will not acknowledge Dyslexia. They claim it’s medical. The school psychologist has made a few, but the meeting for the 504 is on Friday, so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions that I could possibly add. As in he will get extra time to complete his assignments, tests, and quizzes. Or he will be allowed frequent breaks. He may have something hand held to fidget with during instruction. I was just looking for ideals to have written out on his 504 plan. :slight_smile:

There are some good ideas in the discussion “Help with IEP” even if you’re working with a 504. I don’t know enough about dyslexia - do any other members? What was helpful for you?

One of my favorites was to allow the student to have a checklist on her desk so that she would bring home everything she needed in her backpack at the end of the day.

That would be a great one for my son!

The hardest part for my son at school is impulse control. So - any non-structured time is REALLY difficult. Our 504 plan includes "power walking" during bathroom breaks. Instead of having to stand and wait for the whole class to finish up - my son does laps in the hallway. It helps release energy and keeps him from acting silly while waiting. We also wrote in the use of a wiggle seat while doing desk work and Velcro strips under his desk (to fidget with). Good luck on Friday!!!!

Hi Shawna,

I'm certainly not the expert here, but if they will deny that Dyslexia is one of his problems, then you may want to consider an assessment by an outside professional like a Psychologist versed in this area to contribute input before a final decision is reached.

Thank you! Those are really good ideals to have written in his plan. :slight_smile:

I am meeting with his doctor to get a referral to an outside psychologist.