ADHD and Asperger's

I have ADHD combined that was diagnosed by a Neuropsychologist several years ago. I recently did an online test for Asperger's because I was curious about always having social problems and have always been a loner. The test shows that I have a strong possiblility of having Asperger's. So I asked my doctor and she said she doesn't think I do have it and it's on the spectrum with ADHD. So how does someone know if they have one or the other? Since the symptoms are so closely related to ADHD? I've heard that you can have both? Maybe I don't have it and I don't know how reliable online tests are but I just thought I'd bring this up with you all.

Being a loner doesn't necessarily translate into asperger's, Jazzie. Do you have trouble understanding jokes? or trouble with facial expressions? Do you have issues with interrupting people? Are you oversensitive to sights and smells?

Hi dancermom. I guess describing myself as a "loner" was too general of a statement. I am a loner but I have always had problems socializing and usually get really quiet around people. I'm okay hanging out with one person but if there are others I tend to go into my own little world. I don't know if that's from the adhd though. To answer your questions, I don't think I have trouble understanding jokes, maybe some but that could be from attention problems. My facial expressions? My doctor said once that (while waving her hand slowly in front of her) that I tend to be like this all the time but then again could be from not being attentive. I do have issues with interrupting people a lot even when talking to doctors and they take it that I have inappropriate behavior I guess. I am oversensitive to everything. Flashing lights bother me and playing certain video games and certain slot machines at the casino bother me. It makes me feel really dizzy and disoriented and I have to stop. As far as being sensitive to smells, yes, but I'm highly allergic and sensitive to chemicals and perfumes so that could be from that. Anyway I'll share my results with you. Thanks..:)

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Interesting, Jazzie. Maybe seeking out a therapist who is experienced in both might be helpful in teaching you some new workarounds and ways to cope. I hope members will have more insights for you.

I was thinking the same and my doctor now is just wanting to stick with her diagnosis of adhd. I don't question that but maybe I could possibly have both I don't know. I'm always a mystery even when I've had physical illnesses in the past lol..I notice though that a lot of doctors aren't very open to other possibilities and that kind of bothers me because I feel like sometimes their not taking my problems seriously. I don't know if I mentioned this before but I remember a doctor commented once that she thought I could have a touch of fetal-alcohol effects. So I don't know, so many diagnosis. :O

One thing to remember is that a diagnosis is just a handy label, a kind of shorthand that helps a medical professional know what to do next. It can never explain fully what is going on inside any of our brains, which are as unique as our fingerprints. Taking a functional approach, identifying your challenges, seeing what helps and what doesn't, and figuring out your "best fit" with the surrounding environment is a good way to go. If a therapist can help you do that by listening to your concerns and helping you find new ways to cope, then that is a good person to have on your team.

Jazzie said:

I like your analogy of how unique our brains are, as unique as our fingerprints. It's very true. We all have the same organs but we are all unique. You can see that when we all get different reactions to medications. Lol, I don't know if I make sense. I notice on the internet there has been some talk about diet for adhd too. I agree from my own personal experience that it helps a lot and if you have food allergies that can make adhd symptoms worse. I have multiple food allergies (the list goes into infinity) and I notice if I stay really strict on my diet my adhd symptoms aren't as bad. That is something that helps me a lot too. :)