You know you might have ADHD IF

a while ago I saw this online & haven't been able to find it so thought it might be fun to start here. So I'll start & hope you guys keep adding because I found this to be so funny & comforting to know others to do the same things. Not to be confused with "befuddles" which I also love...stories about our unique situations.

You know you might have ADHD if...the first thing on your list says "find other list." Not a great one, but real for me. Couldn't find my list from the day before. Also, a friend laughed hysterically when she picked up my list and saw "get divorce" on it, especially since we hadn't been together for 5 yrs. :)

…if you find yourself incapable of really listening to a dear friend you met at a coffee shop talking to you about their week, because suddenly any and all ring-tones, phone alerts and the conversation three tables down are soo interesting- that is, until your friend stops mid-sentence to ask you if you’re looking for someone/thing, after that, it’s just embarrassing.

You know you might have ADHD if this happens to you on the day of your first appointment to be assessed for ADHD:

The big day is here. You've done a great job preparing a list of questions and you've put that in a folder with the therapist's name and address. You leave early so you can get there on time. Ten minutes down the road you realize you've forgotten the folder and you need the address for your GPS. Can't remember the name either, so you turn the car around and drive home. Yep, the folder was on the table right next to the door. You grab the folder and off you go! Five minutes down the road you open the folder and look for the address.'s not there! No name either. What happened to that paper? You start feeling a bit panicky, and you decide to drive home to find the info. Can't find it anywhere. Can't remember anything so you have to retrace your steps when you made the first appointment. Finally after about 20 minutes of Googling you see a name that rings a bell, so you write down their phone number and address and off you go again! You call them on the way to tell them you will be late. They say the first appointment is the most important since the assessment is an hour long and you're probably going to miss half of it, but go ahead anyway.
When you get to the appointment you get asked a lot of "textbook" questions about ADHD and you are given some questionnaires for you and others you know to fill out.
Well, this was my real story the day I went for my first appointment for ADHD about a year ago. I'm not sure I really needed to be asked about my childhood history, or do any questionnaires. The reality was I could have just been asked why I was late. Case closed.
I could write 100's more reasons why I know I have ADHD, but I'll save that for another day.....or put in it my book....someday......if I ever figure out how to stop putting it off....

If you miss 5 separate appointments to be assessed for ADHD due to disorganization and poor time management.

If you can sleep through two bedside alarms yet the sound of your neighbor walking around on hardwood floors serves to keep you awake because there simply is no ignoring THAT.

If this (very silly example of a) conversational track sounds vaguely familiar:
Other: Remember when we met a month ago? I told you…
You: Huh?
Other: That time we almost got into a fight because I got that one smurf’s name wrong! What was it? Bully sm…
You: HEFTY, it’s HEFTY smurf!
Other: Ah, so, you do remember?!

TJinMA~You made me laugh! I can relate; Sounds like a typical appointment day in my life, too!

tattooed_punkrock~Now I don't feel so bad! Did you ever get there?

aaron33~Yep, isn't that the strangest thing?

I love these! So funny, but most ADD'rs can relate. Keep them coming...good laugh and uplifting!

If you meant to put some fresh apples into the fruit basket on your couch table but end up in the bathroom instead- bag of apples still in hand.

!!! I’m laughing in ! the library’!! quiet area Ha ha!

If your “weekly shopping round” takes place on Friday, Saturday and Monday. And, no, that’s not because it’s too much to bring home at once.

If you’re siffting through your laundry, prepping a load of whites while mentally weighing the pro’s & con’s of, say, democracy. Just then, your cell phone starts to ring and you head towards the last place you remember leaving it 2 minutes ago,having talked to that insurance guy, which got you to thinking… only to realize " that ringtone’s awfully close" and begin to look around, panicking, because you don’t see it- when your hand incidentally brushes the side of your pants and !Ta-da!

Lost keys found in my pocket....:)

LOL aaron, nothing like a nice inviting apple display in the bathroom!

aaron33 said:

If you meant to put some fresh apples into the fruit basket on your couch table but end up in the bathroom instead- bag of apples still in hand.

LOL divorce on the list!!!

You know you might have ADD/ADHD if: you finally have to dive into your bills and paperwork and make a big mess all over the dining room table. It's time for Ukrainian Easter eggs, but the paperwork isn't finished so the various stacks are moved just enough to fit an egg carton, a few tools, and a candle at the work spot. The eggs aren't started until 8PM and the candle is comforting. The realization comes that the candle is close enough to set the entire table on fire and the visualization motivates you.

I was painfully aware that I have ADD when I called the bank to find out why my debit card was blocked. I had cancelled it months ago (fall time) when I lost my debit card--I got a new one that I have been using--then when spring arrived I found my old one in a fall coat jacket. So--just like I was supposed to I shredded it--only I shredded the wrong one. Now I'm waiting 7-10 business days for yet a third debit card. Oh, I also lost my driver's license a few weeks ago. I know you all know what I'm talking about :-)

@Sk still waiting for the day I find myself standing in front of the couch table- airwick still in hand :wink:

Sounds very familiar to me, forgetfulgrandma.