What medications have you found successful?

Hello, I was diagnosed with ADHD in attentive sub type as an adult about two years ago. The only reason it was discovered was because my doctor had prescribed me durimine for weight loss and I found it had given me so many more benefits than just weight loss. I could suddenly think clearly, get up in the morning, concentrate, remember things and complete day to day tasks that most people don’t struggle with. It was like going from feeling like a zombie to feeling alive and a whole person. When I described this to him he sent me to an ADHD clinic that confirmed his suspicions that I had ADHD which is why the durimine had this effect on me. They switched me to dexamphetamines which helped but were not as effective as the durimine and I could only handle a minute dose (ten to fifteen milligrams per day) before experiencing massive side effects. They then decided to change me to Ritalin which I found unbearable. I had massive mood swings and chronic depression on the Ritalin. It really messed with me. I then decided I didn’t want any medication at all because it knocked me around too much and the side effects almost outweighed the benefits. I returned to a zombie state again. I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning. My brain was like a fog. I would forget things give seconds after I was told them and I ended up leaving my job because I couldn’t focus or function properly. I went back to my doctor and asked if I could trial the durimine again. He got permission to prescribe it to me for ADHD and I have been taking the thirty milligram tablets. When I take them I can accomplish all my tasks and think clearly. When I don’t take them I am a hungover mess and don’t even know what day it is. The trouble is the thirty milligrams are still too strong for me. I recently found out they have 15mg tablets so was going to ask to drop down to half the current dose as the 30mg tablets interfere with my sleep too much. I only take them every second or third day or when I really need to focus as if I take them consistently it seems to build up in my system. The thing is I know durimine is risky and not a practical long term solution. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced the same thing and found an alternative medication like durimine that is safer for long term use and doesn’t put too much pressure on the heart. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy runs in my family so it is especially risky for me to take durimine long term. I’m just not sure what else is available that will work as well without major side effects. I stopped taking it for a couple of weeks during the Christmas holidays to give my body a rest but it quickly became apparent how necessary the medication is for me to function as a productive human being. I don’t like to take it but I’m scared to go without it because I know it means going back to every day life being a constant struggle. I have three children and I need to be a functional person to care for them properly. I need to be organised and able to get out of bed and get them to school on time in the mornings. I need energy to prepare them good healthy meals and make sure they have a clean and tidy home and clean clothes to wear etc. I want to be the best mum I can be for them and I want to set a good example for them. So if anyone can relate to my situation and suggest alternative medications I can research and discuss with my doctor I would really appreciate it. I can’t take durimine forever but I need a better alternative because I just can’t cope without something to help me think clearly and have energy to do what I need to do each day. Please help

Laine, I think the reason no one wanted jump in here is because this is not the type of question that we can responsibly weigh in on. Getting several opinions from docs (each one may have a different idea of the best med to try) is the best way forward for you, I think. We cannot suggest a medication for you, but I hope you find one that is safer than duromine that also helps you function.

I absolutely can relate. My son was diagnosed at 5 with ADHD, it wasn’t until after that I was diagnosed with ADHD also. I would have never put two and two together on my own. Here my son was all over the place and it’s all I could do to keep my eyes open. I struggled on and off adderall for yrs. I would do great on it and then I started getting massive headaches and everyday things would just really get to me, bad. I now take anxiety medication. The stimulants were almost like attacking my anxiety. I have been back on adderall now for 3 yrs. There were times I had to lower my dose of adderall and increase my anxiety meds, take them when I took my adderall vs one in morning and the other at night. I still struggle with my ADHD, but not like I do without the medication.

Laine, if you have sleep/wake problems you might ask your doctor to rule out a sleep disorder. I suggest this because I was diagnosed with one several years after an ADD/ADHD diagnosis. Both I'd had since childhood.