What has your experience with cannabis been like?

I have an extremely slow reading speed, probably due to my ADHD. Very, very slow.

It takes me hours to read part of a paragraph in a high school history textbook, for instance.

Someone told me that your reading speed could be improved by smoking marijuana. She swore up and down that marijuana was magic at increasing your ability to read.

I tried it. Nope. It did nothing. Nothing at all. Not that I noticed.

I tried picking up Anne of Green Gables and reading it while on cannabis. If anything, it made reading harder.

Has anyone had a positive experience with medical marijuana? Anyone?

NewYorker, you’d think I’d know something about cannabis being from Washington state. Nope. But if I get the chance to try it I’ll pick up a book and do the reading test. :slight_smile:

I would be really surprised if cannabis did anything to help ADHD. Rather the reverse, I would think.

I see that there is an effort to approve its use in WA for ADHD, but that doctors are testifying against it:


It seems like a real longshot as a remedy...