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hi has any oneused or uses herbal medicine for adhd/add instead of adderall? I take Lexapro with it as well.I want to stop taking both and go the organic way instead of the medical way. Has anyone tried to make an organization or planner for themselves or found one online? Or tips about passing a driver's permit test / studying for it ? Or ways to help keep your room cleaned? I don't have lots of support at home I'm 34 still living with my family I can't move out cause my place would be a mess . I'm the only one who has adhd/add please if anyone has any suggestions or links that can help me with my problems and my family or any books you recommend please I need to get my life back on track


The organic way instead of the medical way. I have asked a friend to join us to share his knowledge and experiences about this, pllf. He should be responding in a day or two.

There are lots of apps that people find helpful for add: see, for example,

For passing the driver's test, hook up with a buddy who grill you on questions and toss a reward your way whenever you get one right. Even something like a poker chip -- it's more a symbolic reward. Also, try singing the information to something like Mary Had A Little Lamb or Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. It sticks better than way.

As for dealing with mess, throw out anything that isn't essential. Declutter. Label. Hire an organizer if you can.

Great thanks so much .. I hope I can switch from medical to organic. I don't like how the medical meds make me feel