Organic medication

I'm going to see my physiologist today and I'm thinking about stopping my Lexapro and adderall. I do not like the way I feel and act meanly to my family. Is there any thing that people can recommend that helps with the mood swings , headaches? That also works for depression and ADHD/AD together , I also have learning disabilities too. I need something else that will actually work. I'm sick of trying prescription medications and have them stop working. Also they test on animals. If someone can please provide me with an organic name one that actually help and work for a long time. And is not tested on animals

Pretty, I am going to set some parameters here, for your safety. Members are welcome to describe what has worked for them, but cannot prescribe (tell you what you should try). It is an important distinction. The one is sharing experiences, while the other is offering medical advice. Everyone is different, so what works for one person may not work for another. I hope you continue working with your doctor and that you find a treatment that works for you. All the best!

I'm sorry about that . I will be careful next time how my words / thoughts come out . I do not write very well in explaining what I mean .The one I meant was sharing experiences with organic medication . Not prescribe as in offering medical advice. I understand every one is different about what works for them. I'm not sure if a treatment Will ever work for me. Nothing seems to be working :(

Sorry again for the mix up

No worries, pretty. I hope the members have some good experiences and practical tips to share with you. One thing I wonder is if you have ever tried mindfulness?

Just curious what is mindfulness? I have both ADHD and anxiety and would like to know more about mindfulness.

Stephanie, we will start a subgroup for mindfulness and put some articles in there. It may be helpful to more than one member.

I put the group up and will try to add more articles. If you find some, you can add some, too.

Hi PrettyLLF, I need medication for depression, too. Please be patient and tell your doctor how the meds make you feel, when/what time you take each dose, and details about what kind of behaviors you feel are bothersome to others and yourself. It took a long time for me to get the right medication. On top of that, I thought the medicines were making me tired but I had an undiagnosed sleep disorder, too.
Try to get enough rest. When my stimulant medication wore off I tended to get cranky (because I was tired again (partly my sleep disorder). I think people like extended release meds because there are fewer ups and downs, but if you take a short release med ask the doc if you can take it before the first dose wears off entirely. I really counted on my doctor to know the best options, but also to give me clear instructions so I felt safe during med trials until I got a good match.

I think that's why I don't sleep well I get really cranky and angry and go crazy I take Lexapro but it's not working .I feel if I take the long acting adderall I might be up all night I'm taking two tablets a day . . My Dr is putting me on some mood stabilizers to see if it will calm me down. And get me off the Lexapro .I'm going back In 3weeks to tell her how the mood stabilizers are doing . I think I'm going to Ask her to make the adderall a long acting one

P.s. have any one been in a home for people who are like us they help people to move out on their own and learn how to do things like take a bus or walk to buy food. My family members want me out of the house . Cause they think I'm the problem . And don't know what it's like in my head.