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We are getting a lot of new members here, and that's terrific. But, so far, our community has been a little bit... shall we say, sleepy?

I would like to give all of us a gentle reminder that this community is what you make it. I am sure you have stories to share and questions to ask. Maybe you have photos to post or jokes to tell. We would love to hear from you.

Start a discussion, or just leave a comment on someone else's page. Reach out a little bit. Make a connection. Before you know it, you will find you have a whole bunch of new friends.

Here's my contribution: My ADHD son recently won the Senior Gold Medal at a ballet competition in Panama. It was quite an experience taking him there and staying in Casco Antiguo. Both of my kids are deeply tired of high school, too tired to even want to think about college. I'm okay with that for now, as I would rather have them take some time to look about them and decide what they want to do before trying college.

How are you doing?

I am doing fine thank you. My apologizes for my absence. I have been preoccupied with school and work.

Recently though I have had some positive feedback. One of my hardest math classes I was one of a couple few to receive an A on the midterm. I haven't felt this proud in awhile especially in my favorite subject, math.

I hope your kids do great things in their future. I have discovered that college isn't for everyone but it is certainly a great experience. It helps people, i.e. myself, to open up and discover who one/me is. If they have a particular topic that fascinates them I would talk with them about colleges that will lead to that subject by a particular major. From there you can branch into the courses that are demanded from that major to see if those classes seem interesting. I find the hardest part about college isn't what you want to do but how can you relate different ideas into what you find fascinating so that it will elevate your understanding of your likes.

That is awesome, m1sanch! Congratulations on the midterm! Yes, I think they will both enjoy college eventually. Being overscheduled in high school leads quickly to burnout. Fortunately, spring break is right around the corner,,,

I completely understand about overscheduling. But good luck to you and your kids. I am so glad spring break is coming up but I have many responsibilities like papers and homework before that haha.

I’m not doing well. I’m starting therapy again soon. Hopefully that will help. I feel like I’m trying to climb a mountain of sand. I try hard, but I just end up sliding back to the bottom.

Have you ever consulted a life coach or career counselor, Moses? I wonder if one might be able to point you in the right direction. It would help just to feel like someone is on your side. Job searching alone can be very demoralizing.

Yeah. I’ve been working with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation for a while (they provided the testing that led to diagnoses), and they have set me up with a couple of different job placement agencies, but one lied to me and yelled insults at me over the phone and the other didn’t tell me that the rep I was working with retired then switched me to a rep that I felt pressured by (rather than supported by), then ended up dropping me after I had a couple of weeks where I was too anxious to talk to people on the phone. The last time I talked to my DVR rep it sounded like they were going to drop my case due to lack of progress.

Wow, that doesn't sound like a good experience. There's got to be something better. Are these the folks you tried working with? http://www.wa.gov/esd/wsdirectory_local.htm#thurston

I’ve used Worksource a bit, but they’ve always seemed more like a resource than a service, but it’s been a while so perhaps I’ll see if they’re different now.