I would like to know if anyone has tried Vayarin? If you have what is your opinion, looking for my 10 year old son

This is the first I’ve heard of it and I’m very interested too for my 11 year old son.

My friend is a pharmacist and she hasn’t heard of it… Saw it on an ad on Facebook… It’s not a stimulant, it’s a supplement. I hope someone here has tried it.

i really wonder, is it really necessary to try different medications? I think the best medication is the understanding and love of those who surrounds the kid. Anyway, try to seek your psychiatrist for proper prescription.

I hadn't heard of it 'til now. Wikipedia says it's a food instead of a drug, and helps with phospholipids and omega-3 fatty acids. Christine, does your doctor know other cases where it has been effective?

Haven’t talked to our pediatrician yet… Our next appt would be end of August… From my understanding this takes about three months to get full results… I am looking to see if anyone has tried and their results…

I tried to give my seven year old this pill but he won’t swallow it. I broke open the capsules and tried putting one in a smoothie and some mixed in his cool ranch Doritos. Its very fishy tasting and he could tell and refused to eat or drink them. I think before we try another med, I am going to cut out all refined sugars and starches and give him gummy omega 3’s. Just make sure yourchild is willing to swallow a pill before ordering.

That's a disappointment, and good advice.

You could also try swallowing pill with a applesauce. Put pill on spoon with a little applesauce. How much omgea will you give him. My son will take a cream omgea from melaleuca but not sure how much is too much. I’ve heard testimonies from parents that they had results on omgeas… I haven’t been consistent with giving to him… I’ll start today and see where it goes.