Administering Medications to Picky Eaters?

Our 7 year old son with Autism and sever speech delay (Apraxia of Speech) was recently diagnosed with AD/HD. We have not tried medications before but will be trying either adderall xr and metadate CD next week. He is a very picky eater which worries me because he will not eat certain textures. He does not care of apple sauce or yogurt which is how I have been told to give it to him. He will not swallow a pill yet. Any suggestion about but getting the meds to him effectively?

My 8 yr old had never swallowed a pill prior to starting focalin about 4-5 months ago. The dr told us we could open the capsule and put the beads in applesauce or yogurt. After much trial and error he now swallows the whole pill with an applesauce pouch. He puts the pill in his mouth then sucks the applesauce in and swallows everything. When he tried to put it on a spoon he couldn’t do it only when he uses the pouch. We use one pouch for a few days and refrigerate it after opening. However he has no texture adversions. Since you mentioned he doesn’t like applesauce are there any other foods like that he likes? They now have lots of different foods packaged like that now. Different veges and fruits. I hope this helps.

Actually the Metadate comes in capsule. So you can open it and sprinkle it into a food of choice. Just not s liquid because they will taste it.

thanks Mom doc! Yes that is what we have been doing. Apple sauce is all that is working but he is not a big fan so I really have to coax him into in. He actually does not not anything that has a mushy consistency but we are making it work for now.