Change in medication

Hey everybody! My son's Dr changed his medication from Adderal to Vyvanse, I was wondering if anybody and information on this med. or comments... for now, he is at the lowest dosage and it is total chaos :( Help!!!

My son has been on Vyvanse nearly 3 years. our biggest obstacle was the afternoon meltdowns as the med wore off. Our doctor prescribed Intuniv (non-narcotic adrenaline blocker) and it has done the trick. There is some appetite suppression but not nearly as bad as some of the others we have tried. If you continue on the Vyvanse, ask your doctor about discount cards. They are good for 6 mo and our doc gives us new ones whenever we need them.

We did the same switch almost a year ago. My son is now on 40mg. We are having the same issue with the afternoon melt downs. He started taking Guanfacine last week. We have seen some improvement. His teacher has started him on a post I’ve reinforcement behavior chart that is updated hourly. He can track his progress and it seems to help keep him on task. We start his home chart next week.

Thanks!! I will keep an eye on the afternoon melt down! Right now, my son is at his 8th pill of the first set. Ouf! It is a challenge since it is not the preper dossage yet... he is allll over the place and incapable of concentrating at all :( It is hard for him because he doesn't like this state and also for us because we would like to see him feel better... it is very hard to see him in destress like that :( I hope it is going to be better soon!

My daughter was on Adderall for a short time at age 4-5, then we switched b/c the side effects were horrible for her. Vyvance and Metadate CD worked best for her. She's 8 and not taking anything this school year, per our decision. Her ADHD is due to an aquired brain injury, though, and not as 'treatable" with the medicines available. The non-stimulants like strattera and intuniv did absolutely nothing for her ADHD.