My doc recommended a new stimulant drug called Evekeo rather than Vyvannae ....anyone had exprience with it?

Hi, My son was diagnosed with ADHD in 2005 and has been on many different forms of stimulant and non stimulant medications. Unfortunately, still have not found the "magic pill" . Some help with attention and focus but make him VERY agitated and angry, while others do the opposite. Our doctor just switched him from Vyvannse to Evekeo since his meltdowns in the afternoon and evening from Vyvannse were terrible. I'm not seeing much difference since he has been on Evekeo. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions ???????

Thanks and I look forward to your feedback :)

Never heard of Eveko but my son had horrible meltdowns in the afternoon wi th Vyvanse. We added an afternoon dose of Intuniv and the meltdowns ceased. We have been on this combo almost 3 years now…
Hang in there!

I looked it up because I hadn't heard of it before. From what I read Evekeo, like other meds, effects people differently. I wonder if your son's doctor has had good results prescribing this for others? There's a Search box in the very top right corner of this page - I forgot to use it but if you want to see if this med has been mentioned in other posts, try it. Let us know the pro's and con's as you learn more about this medication. Anybody else know about Evekeo?