Tips Time

Let's help each other out. Name one tip that helps you focus, organize, or remember things. Necessity is the mother of invention, right?

For my 7 yr old son:

For everyday tasks, we "play" what I call Stages. It is tasks like getting ready for school where each task is a different "stage" and takes place in a different place.

Stage 1 - brush your teeth (bathroom)

Stage 2 - put on your shoes (entrance way)

Stage 3 - put on your coat (coat hooks)

Stage 4 - Grab your backpack (by the front door)

It works really well since there is only one task at each location, so less chance of getting distracted. And we have fun yelling out the stages as he goes through them. Stage 2! Shoes!!! DONE!

Seems a little silly, but it works, and takes what was a stressful situation (trying to catch the school bus every morning) and turns it in to something more fun. :-)

The app Timetune allows you to set up a schedule and gives you a reminder when it is time to change tasks.

My son also uses a Watchminder watch at school to help him remember to go to the nurse, write down his homework, etc...

I set my microwave timer (it is too easy to just switch my phone timer off) for 20 minutes. If I am still absorbed in my task when the timer goes off, I will set it for another 10-20 minutes. Most times this works. I hope that this is helpful

Great tips, thanks! i have a morning list & i am not allowed to veer off in any other direction until completed (when i use it). I have slacked off, but my whole day goes better when i use it.

1.brush teeth

2.wash face



6. Make up

7. Exercise

8. Check dayplanner

I have started making better use of the calendar feature in my phone. If I'm heading to the store and need to remember to get a particular item or ten (which I may not have written on my list -- the list that I probably left at home on the counter) I will put it in my phone as an appointment. The shopping list will go in the notes area, with the store name as the title. I program a reminder for a time when I should have just arrived at the store (ie. leave house at 3, so will program an appointment for 3:15). This way, it comes up as an audible alert and a visual reminder of what I need.

My hubby knows I need this type of reminder, so he'll always ask before I leave if a) I have my phone, and b) is my list on it.

My brother has a community calendar in the kitchen. The rule is, if it isn’t on the calendar then no one can be angry about missed/ or doubled commitments. All members of the family are required to write on the calendar.

We have a dry erase board in our kitchen for my 12 year old. Each night it gets cleaned off - even if the tasks are not all done - so that the next day is a fresh start. I list each and everything he needs to do or think about with specific instructions: ie (after football practice when he comes home) shower before homework and free time; homework before free time...and so on. No one seems to understand how hard it is for him to follow a routine without being prompted. He struggles to remember what he needs to do each day even if he has done it every other day for years. The board seems to have been helpful and alleviates some of the get out the door stress for all of us and he gets some sort of sense of accomplishment when he gets to cross things off as he does them. My husband and I also put some of our "to do's" on it so that he does not feel so isolated.