Tell me something good!

Let's celebrate the positive! Please share a recent accomplishment or something you are looking forward to that is a happy moment!

You first!

Today I went to a fundraising luncheon for an art guild I've attended in the past. I was late and came in quietly toward the end of the program. Right near the entry door were two comfortable wing-backed chairs so I sat in one and relaxed instead of feeling embarrassed for interrupting. So here's a shout-out to the genius who placed those chairs there for the harried!

Later, though I hadn't seen them for some years, the people there who were special to me hadn't forgotten me and greeted me by name. I was so relieved and really happy about that! :)

My son is involved with Show choir and loves it! Plus his new cousin was born and yesterday held her for the first time...he was gentle and his fear due his so~called clumsiness diminished:)

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: choral music and holding a baby sounds heavenly :slight_smile: