What a great change!

I feel like I only post when I feel down, alone or lost. So I wanted to post some good news for a change!

Mid-January we met with a local private school in our area. We did not tell our son until after the initial meeting so we did not cause any undo stress if things did not work out. The week after the meeting our son spent at the school as a trial; this is part of the admissions process to make sure it is a good fit for everyone. Most admissions have their trial week, wait a few days and then find out one way or another. Often times the student has to return to the old school for a week or so before the decision is made. We did not even have to wait until the end of the week! The director called us on Thursday night to let us know that they would take our son with open arms. She indicated to me that they did not usually have a decision so soon but upon review all the teachers and staff found our son to be so endearing, so intelligent, happy, cooperative and full of life that there was no reason to wait. She said that they like to see how the students deal with conflict but there was none. She also mentioned that he fit in like he had always been there. I was in tears. To hear so many positives after so many negatives from the public school was such a huge blessing to our family. AND my son loved it and had no issue not returning to public school.

Now instead of getting calls about behavior, we get calls about success. We don't get "he is always singing and talking and making noises. He is so disruptive!". We get "What a wonderful singing voice you have!". My son comes home and tells us how his educators told him he had a great smile, that he is thoughtful. What a change for us....and what a difference it makes!

I feel like we have our son back. The dark path he was headed down was intersected by this wonderful space where he can learn and be embraced for who he is. I can't tell you how much this has helped our family!

Great news!

Isn't it terrific when the school personnel get it. So much better for your son's self esteem and your peace of mind. I hate holding my breath all day long - waiting for a phone call from the school. Fortunately, the school my son is in seems to be on board with everything for now. I call it a good day when he tells the truth after lying, and doesn't retaliate when another kid punches him. Things to celebrate with a 6 year old... :)

I hear you. E's new school does not have to follow all Federal and State testing laws or the Common Core which makes a huge difference. He is not expected to sit and test all the time. It is a much more relaxed atmosphere and definitely geared towards how he learns than public school...very refreshing!