Supporting our Students at Home

Many of us have or have had children in school, and after raising two I will always wonder what kind of routines at home work best for student success. We tried many things, including a Spanish tutor in high school who shared her study habits as well. It helped. Kids are different, things change, but what’s going on now? What works and what hasn’t worked in your family and in your home?

Last year we discovered "Classical for Studying" on Pandora. My son doesn't like classical music usually, but for some reason this works!

Great discovery!

I listened to it while doing paperwork. It included some “upbeat” classical music and good variety, and certainly enhanced my paperwork session :). At first there were some ads but they went away after a bit. There’s probably a way to skip those.

You have to pay for ad free listening, but he doesn't seem to notice the ads so we don't (pay). I was really amazed at how well it worked.

As I replied in the Accomodation thread, we have recently decided to homeschool our son. We just started but it seems to be going well. I think this is helping his self confidence as a student, his enjoyment in school again and we are able to remediate him to where he needs to be at a reasonable pace. I am so frustrated with all the schools teaching children on this cookie cutter basis. Not all children are the same and they definitely don’t all learn the same. One size does not fit all. There need to be more special needs teachers out there. And ones with empathy and true desire to work with our children.