Social Issues

Hello, my son is 9 years old and was diagnosed with ADHD at around the age 4. What worries me most is his lack of friends. It is so hard for him to make friends. He is such sweet little boy but I know he is a little "over the top" sometimes which makes it hard for him. He has basically no friends in my neighborhood and is always eliminated from playing with other kids. Does anyone else have this problem? It just breaks my heart and I worry about him as he gets older. Thanks so much for your support!

A lot of kids like your son need structured interactions with others, as playtime can be too difficult to figure out all those unwritten rules. Scouting is a great way to build in interactions, or after school clubs, or an individualist sport like a swim team or martial arts club. You are not alone with this problem, and I understand how sad it can make a parent. It will get better. Focus on his interests and passions... eventually, he will find his people.

Thank you so much. I keep telling myself it will get better. We do have him in Tae Kwon Do and he really enjoys that.

One of my kids was the same with social issues. Her problems were worsened by being gifted - the other kids did not understand her. It has taken a long time for her to find her people, and her lack of friends at an early age seems to have impacted her social development. Being shy was another big issue. Her only saving factor was that she was interested in the most played game at school - soccer. She was included in games and played with a big group of kids. She did not have any close friends, but al least she was accepted by the kids. Also, all 3 of my kids are attracted to other 'quirky' kids. They did best at playdates that had a 'theme' (ie building lego castles together, crafts or some other activity)

3Gkids - thanks for your reply. He is going to a different school next school so I am hoping that he may find some new friends...Thanks again!