Recess Time - Behavioral/Social Skills Therapy - SoCal


My son is 9 years old, He is in 3rd Grade. He was diagnosed with ADHD last year (2014 summer). He also has mild Cerebral Palsy, He has an IEP and He attends mainstream school. He is consider a high functioning CP kid.

He does take medication the lowest dosage, and He is doing very very good academically. Though He has a lot of issues during recess, and my feeling is that the Supervisors and the classmates already set their mind to label him as the "trouble" kid. I would like to find any advice in Social Skills Therapies and if they have worked for you? - also if you have any recommendations for my area Southern California.

During my research for this type of therapy, I find that the insurance does not cover Social Skills Therapy unless the patient is diagnosed under the Autism spectrum. Maybe I am wrong, and I need guidance.

Looking forward to read any advice you might have for me. Thank you!

Recess is probably the most socially demanding time of the school day, hummingbird. I remember both of my kids disliked recess when they were in third grade. It is like a really complicated game without a rulebook for some kids. What issues is your sun running into on the playground? That may help us offer suggestions.

Our behavioral therapist worked on social skills with our son and it was covered by our insurance for ADHD… maybe you could find one and discuss exactly what the issues you are trying to address are?