Problem at school

My 11 year old son was dignosed with adhd 5 and at 9 was told he is on the autism spectrum he is taking 5mg of dexamphetamine once a day this helps with some of his time at school but the thing that is concerning us the most is he throws things in class and when other kids annoy him he yells and some times this leads to the kids fighting he also makes a lot of noises

Have you tried behavioral therapy or some sort of martial art? Both have helped our 12 yr old with self control…

He is playing football for our local club at the moment and loves it we have no issues there with the kids when he was 5 he did taekwondo for 3 years but got bored i will look into behavioral therapy thank you

I think dexamphetamines (dexidrine) have a relatively short time of action compared to some of the other stimulants used to treat ADHD (like Adderall, for example).

Have you spoken with your doctor about whether the medication is working well for you?

Here is a medication comparison chart that looks at length of action and doses of various ADHD meds. I found it very helpful when we were talking about which medication to put my 7 year old son on.

My son is 12, ADHD ,and also possibly on the spectrum as well,still waiting on the neuro-psych results , he also started with behavior issues at school, defying staff and getting verbally aggressive to the other students, he was on adderall for a bit, but had adverse affects, he is now on Ritalin quick release 10 mg twice a day