Practical Ideas for Friends with ADD :)

I hope everyone is having a fabulous day! I wanted to share an article with anyone interested...I love practical ideas to help me "be my best!" Really I think these ideas would be great for any and everyone...I love the suggestions about excercise, to keep us centered and to focus our hyper-energy! I get a silly visual of me on a hampster wheel...LOL! I also appreciate being reminded to openly communicate with the important people in your life, stay organized to avoid stress, keep a routine, deal with things TODAY and not put them off, set goals, and watch your diet and the clock. The color code suggestion is fantastic...I used to do that in college and I still find that color coding helps me be successful. I hope everyone else finds this helpful, I sure did :) Have a beautiful day friends!


That was a wonderful article. So helpful. When you avoid too much caffine, does that help you. I know if I drink caffine too much, it affects the way I feel.

Thank you so much for your participation it was great.


Great article!