Pile and File

It’s a cycle. Right now I have bills and papers stacked on all flat surfaces in my bedroom, including some of the floor. I’m cleaning up, happy that there have been no apparent consequences from this batch of disorder. I have a system for organizing papers, but I can’t always keep up - I’d go crazy if I did :). I’ve seen how organized some humans are, and I’m amazed. I guess it’s success when I don’t neglect something important! so I’m giving myself a mental STAR today!
I’d like to ask what kinds of things you all are less-than-perfect about, and happier for it?

Hello ArtFish, I can completely identify with your description of your home environment and your ideas of relative success. I find it interesting that I have been thinking "I must sort this paperwork out before some unpleasant consequences arise". The feeling of envy that arises when I see others who are more organized is not unpleasant, but more a form of admiration. The ADD side of things has not been at the front of my thoughts for a while even though I am aware that it has remained "active" and, consequently, as disruptive within my day to day life.

My responsibilities; caring for my Mother and driving a small school bus run, am and pm, and circumstances have recently lead me to be more aware and concerned about the barriers I experience to effective and productive living. Hence a need to organize better. I also take medication for depression which mostly keeps me in balance unless I miss doses - not a good effect, as friends inform me; so it happens rarely.

Overall, though, I am in a relatively good space; I live in a small township of about 1000 people. The atmosphere is one of support, flexibility and safety. Although a long drive is required, I have access to good medical and ancillary health services. So I really have a lot to be thankful for. Which allows me to consider issues in my life with considerably less stress than I imagine many people experience. All of which gives me reason to be very thankful.

I hate papers! What to keep, what not to keep. Where to keep them. I've tried so many things, but haven't mastered this yet. Would love to hear what others have come up with.

Um... I am happier for not always noticing a mess hehe. It's when it kicks me that I mind. I live with an ocd'r (which is funny in itself) and we try to create a good balance between us.

LOL! Less than perfect about and happier for it? This is a good one, ArtFish, I needed a chuckle!

First let me tell you that my grandmother was the cleanest, most organized person I have ever encountered! Though she had rules, you were always glad to go see her and were made to feel welcome and much loved.

Now that said, she only had my mom, where there were 5 kids in our family, so as nice as our house was inside and out, there were always things that needed to be done! It was a much more relaxed environment!

I only have one child, but I'm more relaxed still, I have mountains of toys, art supplies, games, activities, extra beds, cots, blankets, clothes, boots, shoes...as I want the grand kids to come. Still think my house is nice, as in dirty enough to be happy, clean enough to be happy!

I am even less in tune with a place for everything as we brought my mom down with us a few years ago, and brought as much of her stuff as we possibly could, even though I got rid of some of our stuff to make room, it was not enough!

Since the autoimmune disorders have hit, along with age, I have become more 'Bohemian' in thought and action. I once asked an illustrious friend what he meant when he said he was a 'Bohemian housekeeper', He said "as in the floor is dirty, no problem, the laundry is piling up, no problem, I have given myself permission to let it wait for me to become available"!

So there you have it! More Bohemian and happier for it!

“Let it wait for me to become available”! I’ll try to remember that!
I have stuff in my basement from when my dad moved to an apartment. There was no rush to sort through it and I didn’t want to, so I pass through every day and do one small thing. I can see the progress!
I don’t like to sit down for long periods so now I’ve been doing paperwork that way, too.

Pete, I take an antidepressant, too. It’s important for me to remember that it’s healthier for me to be self-critical only if I choose to be and not out of habit. I have much to be thankful for, especially when I’m feeling better after a tough stretch. :slight_smile: A little spring weather is my favorite mood booster!

I’m drawn to organized people. I like to visit friends whose homes are neater than mine (most of them are) :slight_smile:

Lostgirl said:

Um… I am happier for not always noticing a mess hehe. It’s when it kicks me that I mind. I live with an ocd’r (which is funny in itself) and we try to create a good balance between us.

I have ONE file that I've managed correctly for several years: the Taxes file.

It's tax time here in the US (deadline April 15) so I looked in the file. Arghh! Only a few donation receipts. So I had to painstaking look through several Piles. Those of you who experience anxiety know how that felt! I found everything but one form: the one from Social Security, the most important one. I looked everywhere for it. Nothing.

Good news! I called the local Social Security office and got help from a live person who said a copy will arrive in the mail in a couple of days. Unbelievable. This isn't an advertisement. I guess calling the right person can save time and stress. I will not neglect that file again - it had become sort of like a friend I could rely on. Weird but true.

Great idea. I hope maybe we can generate some interest here, ArtFish. even though posted back in Sept. Of course, I have the paper issue, too and moved a couple of months ago, which really causes problems for me & papers. Every day lately I have "go through papers" on it. The good thing is that I have always found that once I do go through the piles, much of it can just go into the recycling and when you find you haven't missed anything major, you get great relief. And just that feeling of a nice small, orgainized stack is one of the best feelings I know.

What else am I less than perfect about & glad for it? I am a serial repurposer and love it! When it is amnesty garbage day (when you can throw anything out to the curb), I am in heaven! I have moved a lot and never feel too bad about dumping some things to charity pick up that I don't want to bother moving. I know that I haven't spent a bunch of money on things & that I will find another thrown out piece of something and can make a new one. I rarely buy anything new.

LOL you guys! Maybe I do have ADD or ADHD, as I can most certainly relate to all of this!

The two things I would never want to be are a secretary and an accountant, and guess where all of this stuff is thrown on the home front! Yep, to me! ha!

LOL I’m currently dealing with two homefronts, mine and my mom’s since she’s severely vision-impaired, and guess whose paperwork gets done perfectly while the others’ keeps piling up…no idea how I do it.:slight_smile:

Aaron, I have tremendous respect for those who take such good care of their mom. After losing my baby brother to the worst disease known to man, we brought her down to live with us. My husband adores her! We have some tense moments, but most of the time it works well! We’re all on the crazy side so we laugh a lot! I bet you’ve had some fun with your mom too!

You bet :slight_smile: We met this afternoon and she was a bit down because she’d forgotten to do something-
she tends to forget little things when stressed- and I…well :slight_smile: to help her stop fretting over nothing, I did my best to translate one of my own “befuddles” I put here. Made her laugh so hard she teared up.
btw we ended up so engaged in our conversation that we BOTH forgot to do something else… :slight_smile:

Yes, thanks for caring for your mom!

aaron33~I must, also, say how wonderful that you take care of mom. In the U.S. the elderly aren't given the care and respect as in other cultures.

That’s no different around here, trust me! Makes me sad :frowning:
But, I try to focus on doing what I hold to be the right thing- and not looking to my left and right too often, that’s just depressing.
Oh, and the “less than perfect and happy” thing, maybe we could turn that into a discussion or blog of it’s own? I personally can’t really see past my perfectionism yet and it would be inspiring to hear that it’s possible- even if it’s just little things.
And there could be “strategies” to try and apply people may know of.
Just a thought :slight_smile:

Hey aaron33~About the perfectionism, I read somewhere that those of us with ADHD need to apply the term "good enough." And I have been using it and find it helpful...not perfect, but helpful. lol So I hear myself saying this quite often when I find myself spendinf too much time trying to perfect something. It never feels quite right to say "good enough" and walk away, but it is kind of liberating. Hope that's helpful.

Laughter! Yes, it helps everything! Good work.