Overcoming anxiety

I am newly diagnosed and have just started a non-stimulant medication. I was told that it could take a month or so before I start experiencing relief of my symptoms.
Until then, I am curious how you all handle the anxiety related to this disorder? I am a college student, and sometimes when I sit down to do an assignment I get so aggravated with the fact that it is so difficult for me to even form a complete thought or sentence that I end up doubting myself which leads to intense anxiety. I have always made good grades in my classes but the process of completing assignments is almost excruciating at times.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Dear Katie, I just had to respond and tell you how much I relate to what you are talking about. You summed it up perfectly at the end with " I have always made good grades in my classes but the process of completing assignments is almost excruciating.." I have a hard time completing anything until the deadline is pressing because then I just HAVE to to do. Once I get started, it's usually not so bad. It helps me to have an organized work space and the proper tools at ready access. It also helps me to eliminate as many distractions as I can, like turning the phone off, going to the library or some other predictable space. Then I try to break down what I'm doing. For example, if I'm writing, I try to focus on a paragraph I'm working on--even down to the sentence. Also, I use medication for anxiety. I take Klonepin (which is not addicting and has a short half life.) I only take a small amount and only when I need it. Finally, I used to take Ritalin and it was soooooo helpful. I only took small amounts 5-10 mg. once or twice a day. Unfortunately, a doctor once pushed me to take higher doses (I was recovering from major surgery and her goal was to give me some energy.) Unfortunately, I developed a tongue thrust (tardiv diskenisia) and I can no longer take it. It worked wonders for me. I hope some of my suggestions will help.

Please try my technique THT. You can learn it on my page https://www.facebook.com/twohandstouching There are instructions and videos. I have a student with ADHD who I taught it to a couple of months ago. Yesterday he told me that it really helps him, even though he did it the previous day.