New Member Introduction

Hello Everyone. I am really glad to be a part of this support group. I graduated college a few years ago and I am currently working as a Yiddish language instructor and kitchen supervisor. My adhd/anxiety has been difficult for me to manage and I am hoping to feel better. I just started taking Adderall and my focus is slighty better. I am still suffering from chronic headaches which is frustrating. I am also talking to a great psychotherapist and personal friend of mine on a weekly basis. Any tips or suggestions on how to successfully manage adhd like symptoms? Thanks in advance.

Hi David,

Congratulations on your accomplishments! Half the battle with ADHD is knowing you need to do something, then starting that process. I find that ADHD symptoms can vary so much in each individual, it's difficult to have blanket solutions. Other than the focus issue and the headaches, what challenges do you have? My son's are impulse control, for my sisters and myself it's self-esteem and relationship difficulties.

Very nice to have you in the group, I am new as well.

David, which symptoms are the most challenging for you?

Sometimes it's a challenge for me to spot trends in groups, or to gain important information from people around me because I can focus on irrelevant details. It helps to observe what is important to others and for me to ask questions before making assumptions. I can communicate more effectively by making a little more effort in the beginning.