NonMedical Treatment Options

I was wondering if anyone had any treatment options that do not include prescription meds. My son has kidney disease and is unable to take any of the traditional medicines out there due to the fact they are stimulants and can cause high blood pressure which, with his kidney disease, he already has.

Is there any vitamins or herbal treatments anyone has had success with?

Yes there is.

Try an elimination diet. You can google it on line and find a non-profit organization which promotes first trying eliminating artificial colors, preservatives and produce- that contain salycilates such as grapes, rasins, mint -wintergreen-speriment flavoring, etc. I believe in finding answers and alternatives as emotional support as well.

I can personally attest to how useful the diet is.It may be all tht is needed and in other cases a smaller amount of medication will give additional help. My step son is now 16 and started the diet at age 8 and had a dramatic reduction in hyperactivity/impulsivity and argumentativeness. The last quarter of his last academic yr. he started on medication (continuing on the elimination diet) and his grades have improved considerably.

Hope this helps,

We have found that fish oil helps with my son's anxiety. We use one that is 60/40 EPA to DHA. He says he feels more agitated on days he forgets to take it.

We also use a stability ball for homework. He has also used one at school, but he is in MS now, and doesn't want to use it anymore. I know it sounds funny, but I have seen this work many, many times. My brother still uses one when he has to do paperwork.

The elimination diet really helped us to identify his food triggers (i.e. yellow #5 and hfcs are the worst), but found going gluten free had no effect.

I really hope you are able to find something to help!

Elimination diet is hard for us. E has polycystic kidney disease so his diet already limited by sodium and a few other things. We do try to watch his red dye and his sugar. However, I will look into it, it can't hurt and anything to help him is a bonus!

Also Fish oil - yes! Also my 16 yr old swears by magnesium, and I have heard tha zinc is helpful.

We have found the best success with our acupuncturist. She works with our daughter and reccomends herbs and oils that have kept us traditional medicine free so far this year.