9 yr old son adhd comb type. Natural easy remedies?

its been a little over a month and the intune oils do not seem to help!? Im trying green tea now. My son wants to try meds but the facility where he had the eval and intake doesnt prescribe meds neither does our pediatrician. I feel like its a sign to not do it. Anyone tried the magnesium, fish oil, b bitamins?? How much Of each gof someone his age?? Thank you, please help ;))

Have you tried eliminating caffeine and sugar or gluten in his diet? I think that helps a lot with my daughter, who we haven't been giving meds to for 8 straight months now.

Green Tea contains salicylate which has been found to contribute to symptoms of ADD.

Instead of adding things into your son's body -- try eliminating things that may be causing ADD. Try the elimination diet which I have posted an abbreviated version of on the ADD section of Ben's Friends.

We use fish oil in addition to our meds. My two non-ADHDers seems to be calmer on fish oil.

Thank you everyone i stopped the tea… Karen and kf how do you know how much of a supplement to give?? The ped and center we had eval at want to keep their hands clean and not help other than suggest us to find a pschiatrist to try medication. Im frustrated i realize they dose out the stimulant meds but my son doesnt need to see a dr like this… Irritated and praying about it. I cant even get supplement advice, looking into seeing a naturopath. This is ridiculous in my opinion in 2015…should be a bit easier to get some help! Karen i feel for you!! Alot of those things really hit home!! They just want to be like the other kids, but i wish they realized how amazing they are ;)))

There are some difficulties with supplements, Jacque. They are unregulated in the US and may not contain the ingredients on the labels, or may contain ingredients that are not on the label, including allergenic ones. It is better to get desired nutrients from food sources, if possible. A nutritionist may be a better way to go than a naturopath.

I am very familiar with naturopathic physicians, Karen. The advice that they have given our members on some of the communities has not given me a favorable opinion. The medical school is not the same program as a traditional med school, and the practical experience is considerably shorter than other MDs. My main trouble comes from naturopaths' claims to treat a wide array of conditions that are better handled by specialists. It sounds like you have one of the good ones. That is fortunate. It is also worth reminding our members that naturopaths are licensed in only 17 states in the US.

I believe the concept of food as medicine is about as old as humanity.

That reminds me of great graphic I saw on FB about the history of medicine. It's true, basics like healthy ewating and exercise never go out of style...

:) Cycles :) Glad for the range of choices, though.