New Year, New Experiences!

I just wanted to see how everyone is doing lately, esp with their kiddos that have ADHD/ADD. Winter is sometimes depressing and school is in full swing, lots of tests, reading, etc. Well, on top of all that, my ADHD daughter, Olivia, who's 8, had a broken leg back in September so was in a wheelchair for about 9 weeks due to her having mild CP and limited use/strength in right arm. It was difficult for us all, to say the least. This girl is a trooper! She likes to complain, don't get me wrong, but she has just been through so much in her life and I commend her determination after that broken leg. Now, doing physical therapy once a week (still) for that leg and she just completed at 4 week research study where she had occupational therapy 3 times a week for 2 1/2 hrs at a time, working with her weaker arm/hand. It's called the CHAMP study, through Carilion and VT Research here in Roanoke VA. so, that was free, and has helped her so much! Soon, she'll be back to riding in the therapeutic riding program on Saturdays, which she loves and is very much looking forward to. :) It's been an OK school year for her, although she repeated the 2nd grade this year, and with no medication for ADHD, and has kept her grades up. We still notice a few concepts that are difficult for her, guess it just takes time to learn them for someone w/ADHD on top of an ABI. Things like counting money, adding and subtraction, telling time. Other hard test were Weather, Ancient Egypt, you get the idea! Also, I wanted to share a website with you, called . It has some great information and I really like the section where you can tell what your child struggles with (like ADHD) and watch a video of what that child may go through just to hear the teacher telling directions. I really appreciated that, and it helps us as parents understand more about our children. Love to all--hope you're having a great year so

Thanks for sharing! Sometimes the struggle feels like a lone road but knowing other parents are out there too really helps!

We are currently struggling in the tween years and hormones messing with the meds. I have jokingly labeled our current challenges "A Tale of Two Wills"... :D

I KNOW my son will grow up to be an awesome man, so all of this will be worth it!

aw, that's great and I bet he's an awesome tween, too :) I'm sure those tween years are just fabulous! :)

Khcbhc, your daughter certainly is a trooper! You’ve been busy parents, too. A broken leg is a big deal, and it can be really amazing to see how kids can heal from injuries while learning and growing and inspiring us. I’m glad the research study was so beneficial for your daughter - that’s the kind of research I like!
Medication isn’t always a good option, so I’m really glad your daughter is motivated by school and succeeding at doing her best. Thanks for the link!