Hello all

Hello I am glad of this group just being able to share is a goldmine !
Well I am 41 and mom to three boys, one being tested for all sorts of things so we are starting this journey and we have a suspicion that I have ADHD. I am a stay at home mom and homeschool my six year old, not for medical but personal reasons.
Anyway I am happy to join you All and maybe we can find peace through friendship and sharing. The struggles of this behavior , my son’s and I think my own behaviors has given me some anxiety and depression, but nothing too serious. I struggle with mostly my son’s impulsively and aggression. It seems to heighten my own senses and make me feel helpless.
I know we will find answers soon but in the meantime was of the behavior, anyway thanks for having me here!
I try to remember my son is special and has many talents but in the daily grind he struggles with the skills needed to function, like potty training and self control etc.
seeing his value is a way to combat the randomness of the ADHD. It is great to know you all can relate. I don’t feel alone!


Have you tried having your son (and you) sit on stability balls while doing school work. It worked wonders for my brother, son, and nephew. I home schooled for a year, and when my son was sitting on the stability ball, we were done in ½ the time.

Hang in there! I can't tell you it will get easier, but it will get more manageable!

You're in good company! I was challenged as a parent, for sure, but my kids and I learned a lot about each other along the way and we're close. They're in their 20's now. Best wishes to you and your kids!