New to group and to this Journey

My daughter is almost 7. She was officially diagnosed last year, although the signs began to manifest before. In pre k she showed signs with impulsivity and social skills, and personal space issues. We had a meeting with teacher and they offered help my husband said no, she’s just being a kid. I gave it more time and benefit of doubt. Last year in kindergarten the signs were same but worse. I was being called by school and notified of behavior. I got her into behavior counseling. After THE Third Visit She Said She Had ADHD And We Made Regular appts. Then after awhile she recommended psychiatrist. So i took her to the one she still sees. After trying stimulant hell meds. We did a genesight test and found out she cannot take stimulants. She now take Guanfacine and strattera and melatonin at night. We got her IEP test done by end of school year. I’m praying this year will be better with 504 in place. The meds are helping. She still wakes in the night, has nightmares. She still has meltdowns. She still is constantly on the go. I am constantly trying to educate myself. I feel like I’m alone in this journey. My husband is in denile even with all I’ve shown him. I send him emails with information and he never opens them. Other kids on his side of the family have it. Even his brothers have told him . He just think they are just being kids. I told him it doesn’t mean she is not smart or less of anything. He doesn’t want her labeled or made fun of. It’s ridiculous because it’s happening without that due to social issues. I want the best for her as we all do. I’m here to share and gain more knowledge.

I hear you. My son was acting up in Pre-K as well. The school stopped teaching him essentially because he wouldn't sit still. I wasn't sure at the time if it was his age, or if it was him. Then first day of kindergarten, the principal talked to me. the second day she suspended him. On it went until I medicated him a few months later. I agree, if you don't do anything, the problem is still there. They will be labeled as a trouble maker or class clown, instead of a child with ADHD. My husband at the time didn't believe it either. But, he has noticed a big difference now that I have him medicated. And he's doing better in school - which is the main thing. I don't want him not to learn in these crucial years. (He's 6).

Hang in there....

WELCOME! I am fairly new also, but love the fact we have others to bounce ideas off from and get the support we can't find elsewhere. My son is 12, but has always shown signs. Due to the fact his academics have always been on the higher end no one gave it a thought. However, when puberty hit and we had a less than helpful teacher last year things surfaced. My husband is not all that supportive either. He thinks if he yells at him all the time that E should get it and does not understand that E can't always help his actions or control them and that he has issues with organization and remembering what he needs to do.....can be frustrating.

Learning to be patient with children, including ADD/ADHD kids, is so worthwhile but its hard to do. It takes lots of practice, especially if a parent's parent was cranky or a yeller. I got years of practice and my adult kids still require me to think things through before reacting. Every effort to find ways to have a calm and understanding relationship kids has long term rewards. Of course, expressing frustration is natural. It's helpful for a child to understand that and find good was to communicate or express frustration without directing it at another person. Kids and parents can learn that together.

Hello Suzanne,

I'm brand new to this site. My daughter sounds very similar. We just decided to try stimulants- our apt is next week. How did you know your daughter couldn't take stimulants?

I just want to be aware of the possibilities before we begin. We've had this diagnosis for over 6 months and are doing cognitive behavior therapy. But I feel that her behavior is worsening, and now it is affecting her sleep.

Will your husband go to a psychiatrist apt with you (just for the parents) for better understanding? What about her teacher? My daughters teacher gave some great insight.