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Hey, everybody!

My friend was telling me recently about a potentially effective way of getting support with ADHD and all of the interesting little challenges it brings while living in this society. It's the idea of "mutual life coaching." I'm looking for a person or two who would like to stay in frequent contact with me so that we can support each other in our endeavors. We can email, call, text or chat and offer advice to each other and hold each other accountable for things that we want to implement in our lives. Essentially we would be life coaches for each other, and instead of being certified by going to a school, we are experience in our own "struggles" with having ADHD. Isn't it often so much easier to help another person with their life than help yourself? Having that distance from another person's life allows you to have a different perspective and combine that with your own wisdom and experiences and bingo! You're a great life coach to someone who has similar challenges.

I would like to work with someone who doesn't view ADHD as a "disability" per se, but instead can see that it has its advantages if you know how to work with them. There is probably a growing number of people with ADHD because of all of the new toxins and man-made things we're exposed to before we're even born, and also after we're born, but I also think that the way our brains work once served an evolutionary purpose. We were the hunters; we're able to tune into our senses better and be aware of multiple things at once, and when we're dialed in, we're able to hyper focus like nobody's business. I strongly believe that my success (and the success of probably everyone else) will come from my acceptance of myself and being aware of and/or utilizing all aspects of myself. From this mindset I want to help keep others on track with their goals, and I want to find someone who can appreciate this and will come from a similar place when helping me.

Please message me if you're interested on going on this journey with me.

Ready, aim...

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Interesting idea, Loonkin. I can see how that might be helpful. For those of you who are new to the site, you can "friend" each other by clicking "Send a friend request" under the member's picture. Once you are friends, you can exchange private messages, which should arrive in your email inbox.

This is a great idea and one I am interested in participating in as I have recently been considering getting an ADHD coach. The concept of "accountability partners" is talked about frequently when it comes to increasing productivity and achieving goals for those with ADHD.

It sounds like you may have read Thom Harmann's book "ADD: A Different Perception" which theorizes how ADHD'ers are genetic descendants of hunter societies from thousands of years ago. I highly recommend that book to anyone. It can really help change one's perspective of ADHD: it is not considered a disorder, but is an evolutionary mechanism that once had survival advantages that don't necessarily work in today's society which is now run by "farmers".

Hi, TJ. I actually have not read that book, but perhaps I've talked to people about ADHD who have and maybe that's where a lot of those ideas sprang from.

Oops the author’s last name is actually spelled “Hartmann”.