New meds

We recently started my 7 year old daughter on Vyvanse. We feel her moods swings have gotten worse and have heard that Quillivant works well for others. Her ped didn’t want to switch her because it’s a newer medication and decided to have us double her Vyvanse dose instead. Does anyone have experience with Quillivant? Effective? Side effects? Thanks in advance.

My daughter was on Vyvanse at 7 yrs old, then Metadate CD. I haven't heard anything about Quillivant. Vyvanse worked for her for a few months, we had to keep increasing the dosage, though, and her very slow weight gain concerned me. We ended up taking her off meds at age 8. Her ADHD is due to a brain injury though, and so her doctor said medication may not always work for her.

My daughter is having a weight issue too. Hasn’t gained anything in a year or so and she eats like a bird so it is concerning. I’m sure I’ll have my fair share of trials for a while. Thank you for your insight.

My son used to be on Quillivant. No side effects for him. But it didn't last all day. So he would take a dose in the morning, and his school would give him a second dose at lunch. He ate fine on the Quillivant. We are on Daytrana now, it's a patch. But he won't eat while on the patch. So I feed him breakfast, and dinner. But he's still little because of the not eating.

We’ve been on Vyvanse several years. My son would melt down as he was coming off the meds. We added a mid day dose of Intuniv and I have no complaints.