Need helpfull tips

I find myself always talking to myself and can even switch in the middle of a thought to another thought then not remember what I was originally thinking about. i found that if something bothers me I go over and over it in my head days, months until I get it out. So I was told FB is a good outlet. BUT I find myself scrolling down see something, hear something, someone asks a question, I’m like in a head war with myself. I’m all over the place commenting on posts, giving advice, trying to help everyone ugh… My family thinks my posts are about them, they are not about them. But if I don’t comment it stays in my head where I go over and over it until I frustrate myself… Any tips on how to stop the record in my head, letting go of something, especially the unimportant things

It sounds as if journaling could be very helpful to you, Tara, for getting those thoughts out. I would definitely not recommend social media, as those thoughts have a way of traveling far beyond their intended destination.

You may also wish to try thoughtmapping, if writing in full sentences doesn't appeal to you. When my kids had trouble notetaking in middle school, I learned about thought mapping, and it was very helpful to them. There are some instructions on how to do it here (, but you can develop your own style and see what works for you.

Thank you, I’m going to check that out

Hi Tara, I wrote a longer reply and lost it :), so I’ll re-write later, but this morning I found an article on the FB page about training the mind for attentiveness. There are skills learned in meditation that help train away from unimportant thoughts, or letting them go.

Thank you, I’ll look and see if I can find it

Tara, I talk to myself, often saying “where did I put that?” or “now why did I come down here?” When I go to the basement for something. It’s sometimes a hint that I’m trying to multi-task in a too-tangential way.
If you’re a busy person, you might feel more scattered when you are fatigued. I have finally learned how important it is to get enough rest, and have little exercise breaks periodically.

If you feel something out of the ordinary might be going on, report to your doctor in case another health condition is throwing you off.

And Facebook… I’m getting used to it but initially it was overwhelming! I’m learning how to use FB a little at a time. :slight_smile:

This is an interesting discussion because I’ve realized that my ‘self talk’ is excessive and just last week tried to research online the executive functions on ‘self talk’. I believe that excessive self talk is related to adhd in some ways because my mind is always going. But I do not know much about any studies on this yet.

I’ve been trying to do some research on it myself. I find myself having conversations with myself especially if I can’t talk to the people creating the issues I’m thinking about. I also talk to myself trying to remember things. It’s a circle of so many things going on in my head that I find myself talking to myself about everything going through my head.

Oh, gosh, I do that, too, Tara. Imaginary anticipatory conversations. Usually right before I fall asleep. I see that more as an anxiety/OCD thing than an ADHD thing, as I have never been diagnosed with ADHD.

Yes, I agree, it can be part anxiety which in that case the process would be similar to cognitive 'rehearsal'. We all do that especially when trying to prepare. But what specifically interests me in this is the fact that with many adhd folks, the categorization process is scattered in cognitive preparation. The excessive self talk isn't even organized well enough to focus on one thing. Thoughts scatter to many different subjects quickly. Being aware of myself and some of my own processes, the organizational deficient in the adhd brain has much to do with being able to categorize and yet this is not yet well linked though of recent studies, more attention is being brought to this particular focus.

Organizational ability depends much on how the brain categorizes things. If someone were to tell me in the beginning that having adhd is about a struggle with categorization, I would have understood that implication much more clearly than just someone saying to me that adhd folks have trouble with organization. Just throwing thoughts out there as they come.

I see, that is helpful. My "rehearsals" are very focused but repetitive, so I can see the difference there. Good explanation, Lostgirl. If only there were a pensieve to collect all those racing thoughts so they could be brought out again at the right moments.

That is good information thank you lost girl. I have no organization not even with my thoughts, I can be thinking something and mid thought jump to something else. So very good info to have…

It takes extra effort to manage lots of thought at once. I go to a counselor who has known me for 25 years. The other day I left her office thinking, "Gosh, she is the ONLY person who could possibly have made sense out of what I had to say today", because I'd spoken so tangentially. The next session I asked her about it, and she consoled me :). Unfocused, the energy it takes for me to pull things together in my mind, while speaking, or when writing is significant. When it gets in the way it's stressful.