Medication for 10 year old

My son starts meds Tuesday! I am so excited and nervous! He is willing and ready to get the help he needs to be a successful 10 year old!

Any tips or advice?! First time taking pills.

Be prepared for a rebound when his meds start to wear off. When my normally loving son has a bad rebound he becomes angry & defiant (think total melt down). Every child reacts differently but Intuniv helps us tremendously. Also a destroys time right after school helps.
Good luck! And remember that you know him best. If this 1st medication doesn’t work well, don’t be afraid to try another (after a reasonable trial).

De stress not destroy… lol

Thank you!

Hope all goes well with the meds. My 10 year old can take pills so it makes it so easy and my 6 year old we have to crush the Ritalin and dislove it in water which must taste terrible but he doesnt complain he just takes it, we are very lucky that way.

Dont give up if you cant get the right combination medication at first, it will come right!

Our first week on meds was great udring the day, but evenings and bed time were pretty challenging for the first week or two. So if things are a a bit rocky at first, don't give up!! My son could not fall asleep when he first started meds and we had some late nights and cranky days because of it. You just have to power through that initial time, and usually the side effects like that go away.

Melatonin (3mg quick dissolve) 30min before bedtime was a miracle for us and helped tremendously with the inability to settle at night.

Good luck!

Oh! And if he has trouble taking pills, try putting one in the middle of a spoonful of applesauce instead of taking it with a liquid. My son finds this much easier than putting a whole pill in his mouth and then swallowing it with water.

Good to know Nic! Thank you. I’m very excited! We have been practicing with tic tacs. And he is ready too!

Keeping a daily journal is a great help to me. Good luck with the meds! :slight_smile: pls keep us posted as to how your son is doing.

I will have to get a journal and start using it. I’m working with a local adhd specialist too and she said the same thing about a journal. Just haven’t started it yet.

Started my journal last night, Dylan’s appt went well! Start him on Methylphenid 18mg a day. Excited!!! The pills are smaller than the tic tacs he’s been practicing with so it should be good! Getting up early to make him pancakes before he takes it and goes to school!


Dylan has been doing amazing! At first I wasnt sure. But, he has been so amazing! Makes me want to cry to have my son be my son! He is able to think clearly. Its like something has come unlocked inside his head and he can function! He writes in his notebook and draws now. He is able to play a game on his kindle with no issues. He is so much more calmer and not as temper-mental as he was before. It is amazing!!!!! Only question I have, is it normal for him to be more emotional. Cries at the smallest things. Before he would get angry and upset. Now he cries.

Thank you!!!

I am very glad your son is responding well, ss. I hear a fair bit about kids crying when first taking stimulants. There seems to be a "crash effect." I believe it should diminish over time.

It does seem to be getting better! Thank you!

Hi this post is a little old but just sharing

My 9 year old started ritalin 10mg and he just loves it ! He said his brain is focussing and he loves the feeling of focus - he just wants to read and read

He wanted to take it all the time but I have had to explain he doesnt need it just for play



Such great news! It is so wonderful when our kids are able to say how the medication makes them feel better! And it goes to show that medication is the right choice for a lot of kids. :-)