Making plans with private schools

Sorry for my ignorance, but having just moved to USA from the UK I am wondering what a 504 plan is, and whether this is accessible in private schools? my son (age 7) has just been diagnosed with ADHD, and has no supportive plans in place. He also has dysgraphia, and I wonder if anyone else has had experience of making a plan to help their child with writing problems? thanks.

Welcome! A 504 plan outlines accommodations that the public schools must by law follow. Private schools are not required to do so but often do so voluntarily. Accommodations are things like where your child sits, what kind of desk/chair, special testing situations (small group), any special equipment your child must use, how, and how often the school communicates with you. There are some great “how to” articles on writting the best 504 for your child but I am on vacation and didn’t bring my computer. If no one else sends you the links, i will do so when i get home.
If he requires the curriculum to be tailored to him, then you will need an IEP (Individualized Education Plan).
We are considering a private school for next year as well, but as I said they are not required to folllow 504s or IEPs. They do sometimes offer better support though as you and your child are their customers.
Hang in there!

Thank you for this reply! A helpful starting point, I will have a look for those guides

Here is detail guide to a 504 Plan …

Public schools are required to follow these plans, but if teachers and staff forget to or otherwise drop the ball it's problematic. Public or private school, if there are things that help your child learn, focus, or regulate behavior you can ask that he be accommodated, and document it on a 504 plan or record that can be accessed by those working with your student. I looked online and there are lots of recommended accommodations for dysgraphia. The complexity is there because every child and classroom is different but you'll likely find that a couple of things really fit for your child. Try for smooth integration and implementation to help him succeed in school. I think having a little fun and celebrating when your student experiences success is nice, too. :)

Thank you so much, I am so happy to have found this support group. It eases my worries, knowing I can come here to ask for advice. I am going to do my research and get a plan in place, but it might take me until he starts 2nd Grade :)