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The latest article says its okay to not be okay, and to not be okay with not being okay, but that you shouldnt worry about whats going to happen in a few hours or minutes. I dont u understand how that works. If i dont worry about the future then how do i ever plan too get out of this revolving door of making the same stupid Mistakes and giving in to my implulsiveness.
And with how horrible i am at being an adult even when i try to to the point of exhaustion i cant imagine how bad things would be if i only worried about the here and now.
Im tired of being a weakminded loser, but i domt see how ignoring whats ahead will help with that

Hi Adam! I didn’t interpret it as telling people not to plan for the future, but rather not to worry. And sometimes, if things are really overwhelming, to just deal with the here and now. I know that I’ve got a million doctor’s appointments and tests coming up. I’m in a rough patch in terms of my health. I can fret about it, or I can just deal with it, and when it’s too much, sit on the couch, or lay in bed, with my cats and a good book.