Hello all. My name is Shayla and u have only been recently diagnosed with ADD in the past 2 years. My 9 year old had ADHD. It’s so hard to manage the behaviors and impulses. I’m looking for suggestions, support, anything to help us. I also have a 2 year old and a 1 year old and sometimes my sons behavior or actions hurt them. Sometimes, I’m not sure if his symptoms are ADHD related or if there is something else going on. Can anyone else relate?

Shayla, I'm glad you are here. I wonder if our parent crew is busy with exam week or planning summer vacations. Keep posting; you will get responses. I can understand why you aren't quite sure whether your 9 year old might be acting out perhaps to get your attention, as he must see that you are occupied with the younger ones. Is he involved in sports?

He was involved,but his behavior makes it difficult at practices and he wants to go to sports camp, but again, his behavior makes these things difficult.

Which behaviors are problematic, Shayla?

One of my sons had anger issues and would sometimes be mean to his brother. It was hard for me to manage this so we went to a psychologist together for awhile. He went to an anger management class when he was a pre-teen. At other people's homes and at school he was well behaved, but he'd bring his anxiety home with him and let it out there. That isn't uncommon. Is there an activity your son can do at home that will release pent up energy?

Team sports include all different temperaments of children. When the kids are working on a common goal they work surprisingly well together, and a good coach can harness the energy of the players. Soccer/futbol is popular but some schools or cities offer many, many choices. Watching other kids play he might find one he likes.