Impulsivity: Pros and cons

Impulsivity is a mixed-blessing characteristic of ADHDers. I taught art at a Before and After School program, where impulsivity could be directed into creative decision making by teacher and students.
But impulsivity can make my day so tangential that I don’t accomplish what I set out to do.
Do you experience impulsivity as positive/negative?

For me it can enhance my job or put me so far behind! Really I am probably in the best job for what I am . But as I get older it becomes
More difficult to maintain control of. But the question is do you really have control of !!! Lol. Lol. Lol.

Great way to invest energy. Some kids draw and draw, so naturally. It's amazing.

SK said:

Hi Artfish and Squeeze,

Great topic! I don't have ADD or ADHD, but my grandson does, and art is one thing he can focus on and do well with. When he has study period at school, he draws, and saves up dozens of drawings and then comes in beaming to give them to me! Of course I cherish them, keep all of them, display them! There are many talented artists in my family, regrettably I am not one of them, but art is surely a stabilizer for him.

Lol, Squeeze! I’m aware of the likelihood I’ll get off track, so if I’m trying to get from point A to B on time, I have to be pretty determined. If I have the freedom I love to change my mind at a moments notice.