Have you found any benefits to having ADHD?

What's the upside of having ADHD for you? Are you creative? a leader? the one with the fresh ideas? What makes you special? Let's share the positives about having ADHD or ADD.

My sons are so different! Social aptitude: One has always been very social - in kindergarten the children got a phone book sharing their classmates phone numbers and as soon as he got home he started calling them all. Okay! He's 24 and still this way but now his friends contact him, too. He's in town visiting and we went to the lake - soon three friends were there, hanging out with his Mom.

Hyper-focus: My other son was the only one at his high school to master a 360 (degree) flip on his skateboard. He stayed hyper-focussed on it and presto! Could he do anything I asked him to do? No. But once he chooses something himself I sometimes see him reach amazing goals. He's 27. Among his successes are college and grad school!

I know I have abilities that helped me raise my boys but I can't put my finger on any in particular. It was nuts most of the time but we got through and are very close.

Yes, of course. Creativity is my ADHD gift & i love that part. Also, I enjoy the way I am able to see things in a way that others may not. That would include my analysis of a situation & how i see art in everything (almost). Often i’m looked at like i have 3 heads, however, when I mention it. I am not one who sees ADHD as a gift, though. The rest is so difficult & exhausting. But i have to say , if i was given the option of giving up the gifts & not have Add, I don’t think i could.

Hi, I really love the hyper-focus. Sadly it shows up rarely, and Im not quite sure how to come up with it even in situations that are not as fun (like studying, etc.). Creativity is definitely the other. (On the other hand I have troubles in situations when creativity is not desired like workplace processes and methodics, following rules, manuals....)

OMG - i remembered one: patience with others! When I realized how patient people have been with me over the years I found a way have the patience required for various situations and various people.

Through having adhd I’ve grown as a person, had to learn how to cope with a temper, and how to keep impulse under control, because of my years of practice I’m far less likely to loose my temper that any other person and I have a greater self control than anyone I know, because I’ve had to learn how to cope with the condition, every day life is less of a struggle through practice on things normal people don’t work on