Im new and need some advice to help with my son

Hello I am in need of all the help I can get im desperately seeking this because I want to help my son out hes only 5 yrs old and since he was 3 and 4 he school he was in outside the country noticed theyre was something different with him in his learning and social abilities the psychyatrist and school treated him and diagnosed him with Adhd he started off on medication which to my help had him mellowed out and had him behaving better than usual I since then moved back into the states and am getting him accostumed to the new change. He also started kindergarten in a new school I didnt mention his disability at first but the teacher knew there was something since hes behavior and functioning abilities werent the same as other students so I explained to her, she just took into knowledge and told me to seek help which I did I went to his pediatrician and explained our circumstances and told them I need the help that was 4 or 5 weeks ago and I still havent heard any news from the pediatrician or the child guidance center I dont know how else to go about this Ive tried to feed him healthy foods and to keep the candy and sugars away since I know they accelerate him Ive also researched into homeopathic medicine to see if that would help I just want whats best for him .... any advice would truly help me

Hi, Arleneisabel7, I'm glad that you found this site, and I think you will be too when things pick up again. It's quiet here, which isn't unusual for a holiday weekend. I'm sure you will get some responses to your introduction soon. Meanwhile, please surf the site for information. At the very top of the page, on the right is the search feature (a lot of people miss it way up there). Give it a try.

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Hi Arleneisable7,

If the doctor hasn't responded after your appointment, call and ask to speak to your son's pediatrician again, or speak to a nurse who can help you. If your son is otherwise healthy, tell them why your son needs to be evaluated and ask for a referral to a doctor who can do this. Also, the school may offer to evaluate your child. In either case, you'll want your son's doctor to be informed and willing to help him get a proper diagnosis.

Waiting for care must be frustrating! I hope you get a better response this time.