I'm Back and Looking Forward to Moving Forward!

Hi guys and gals,

I just wanted to drop a quick line to say that I am back. Back from what, you ask? Well, the reason for my scattered participation in the ADHD support group and absence for the last few weeks was due to the fact that I was preparing for and now, officially have gotten married.

It has been a heck of a year so far and with many difficult times leading up to the wedding, which included personal tragedies for both my bride and me, I am extremely relieved and pleased to say that the wedding was incredible and went perfectly! Not only did we get beautiful weather, but other than our extremely annoying photographer (like, next level annoying), we really didn't have any problems. It was about as incredible of a day that we could have possibly hoped for and was immediately followed up by an absolutely unforgettable honeymoon in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

I can't possibly tell you how much my now wife and I needed some happiness and positivity in our lives after a horrible stretch that included the unexpected losses of extremely close loved ones. The wedding and honeymoon delivered exactly what we hoped and prayed for and I am incredibly grateful.

Anyway, I am playing quite a bit of catch up with work since my return, but I am getting there and look forward to being more active here and helping out wherever is possible, including the redesign of the WP site.

I sincerely appreciate all of the amazing people that I have gotten to know and look forward to the many more that I am sure I will get to meet over the next few months.

Thanks for your patience and more importantly, thank you to everyone for what you do. Reading through many of the posts both here and on FB and seeing so many people, selflessly helping others with their problems, brings a smile to my face. Not to mention those of you that I have gotten to know a little more closely and have been extremely kind and welcoming in messages here and on FB, as well.

I attached a few fun pics from the wedding and honeymoon that friends or others took. I know you may not really know me and my be looking at some random pics of some random people, lol, but I'm pretty much an open book so, feel free to step inside and get to know the mind behind the madness that is me ;)

All the best!


The bride and groom are introduced to "The Final Countdown" by Europe

We taught Michael Jordan how to fly. That information is confidential so please do not tell this to others, as I would have to deny making such a claim ;)

Found this cool swing thing by one of the pools at the resort. If you are ever in Mexico, I HIGHLY recommend Secrets: Maroma Beach. I can't even begin to describe how incredible the resort was and the amazing room we stayed in for the week that I will beyond miss...ok, I already do :(

Congratulations to both of you, and thanks for sharing your pictures! You look really happy :)!

Sorry for the delay, Howie. I just saw this discussion. I have of course been following all of your adventures and am so pleased for you both. :)