I am back

Hello! My name is Marsha and I have been a member here for quite some time, just been away for a long time. I am back now and needing much support. I have been doing okay up to this point. I am having trouble with controlling my behavior and acting more adult. I do have a boyfriend who is very supportive and patient. He helps me with staying with God and maturing, being more of an adult. I keep reverting back to acting like a child all the time and I don’t want to do that. I hate the fact that I cannot get a grip on this disorder, the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. I feel like it is controlling my behavior. I am on medication for it. I am on Strattera, which is a nonstimulant. It does help with the symptoms, but I think I need more help than what medication can do for me. What are some nonmedication things that I can do to improve myself and be more of an adult?

Hi Marsha! One of the big advantages of being on medication is that it quiets your brain. This lets you learn some specific strategies that might be helpful. Have you ever worked with a therapist/social worker/etc who specializes in adutlts with adhd?

I know for chidren with ADHD there’s also a lot of support for exercise and spending time outdoors. Just throwing that out there.

Anyone else have any ideas? What have you done that works for you?


Sharon from ModSupport

Hi Marsha

This is Cynthia from Tacoma. Have you ever tried a stimulant for your ADHD?–they are the first line treatments, while Strattera is usually given after stimulants have been unsuccessful. I would encourage exploring your meds, then getting good sleep, exercising regularly and eating well with good nutrition–which help everyone but are particularly important for ADHD. Have you done much reading about ADHD–good websites are additudemag.com and iadhd.org–the only website soley about inattentive ADHD.

Thank you for your response. I do have to read more on adhd and what things I can do. I was on Ritalin for many years as a child until I hit puberty, then had to get off of it because it quit working. The medication that the doctors have found that works on me is imipramine, but it increases my heart rate, which is not good, because I have a heart murmur. Sucks, but it is what it is. I could ask my doctor if there are any other medications out there for adhd that we could try. I am active, I try to stay on a routine, get good sleep. I will definitely look at those websites you provided.


I am confused by what you wrote as online you mentioned being on Strattera and now you say imipramine which is usually prescribed for depressions. Often people with ADHD get depressed—and when they get well treated for their ADHD the depression goes away. But it depends on how serious your depression is—whether that should be treated first or the ADHD should be treated first and see if the depression resolves. If you have ADHD and get on the right med and the right dose, it can be like night and day. Cynthia

I was on imipramine when I was 16 years old and they found that it works on me, but I had to get off of it because it increased my heart rate. I do have ADHD, severe ADHD. Doctors have tried many medications, and Strattera seems to be holding on. I also have major depressive disorder, which no medication will touch. I also have Schizotypal Personality Disorder. So, it is hard to get the right treatment because doctors have to be careful of what meds I take, because some, if not most, meds have the increased heart rate side effect as a common side effect. Don’t want me to have a heart attack, or my heart giving out because of a medication.

I also have severe migraines, that I was able to get to manageable level. I don’t want my severe migraines coming back. I have been severe migraine free for 3 years. Last severe migraine was November 2018, a week before Thanksgiving.

Have you asked your prescribing physician why he didn’t put you on Adderal RX or Vyvanse which are the two most common medicines prescribed for adults with ADHD?

@Sweetie, you originally posted in December. How did the holiday season go for you, and how are you feeling now? I’m Seenie, one of the administrators here and I work with Sharon of ModSupport (who posted earlier).

I’m just wondering what kind of professionals you’ve been seeing for your ADHD. There’s quite a wide range who can help, from family doctors to psychologists and social workers.

Would love to hear how you’ve been getting along.