Help me rewrite our site's definition of What is ADHD?

I confess I'm not really fond of the description of ADHD that is front and center on our Main Page. It sounds like it was written by someone who never met anybody with ADHD. Would you help me rewrite it? I can take your ideas and collate them, and put a new definition on the page. What do you think?

One of the things that I would like to see is that people with ADHD's inability to focus is often linked to their inability to filter an overabundance of input or stimuli. The reason they can't focus on one thing is that there are too many things to focus on...

I haven't said that well, but I hope you get the idea.


Great input, kf. Anyone else?

maybe mention that ADHD can either be hereditary or acquired from a brain injury.

Good point, khcbhc. What else?

...there are a variety of treatment options including behavioral therapies and/or medication?

Let's talk more about that. What could we put there for treatments? I can think of a fair few. Including diet, exercise, outdoor time, mindfulness, CBT, in addition to meds.

Behavioral therapy is a biggy... working memory therapy in addition to all you the ones you listed. I have just encountered more people than I care to count who believe in "one and done". I.e. one therapy or one drug should do it. It has been my experience that a well rounded approach including many things has worked best.

It seems like for most people, it is a continual work in progress, or there would be no need for groups like this one. I guess one more thing we could add is adapting the environment, or enlisting the help of an organizer.

Agreed! I really wish that I had had a non judgmental someone to help me through the process! Newly diagnosed get overwhelmed and don't always get the best advice from those around them.

The thing about getting diagnosed with ADHD is, you are still the same person that you were before you walked into the doctor's office. But a lot of people don't get that and seem to think you are different all of a sudden.

I think definitions of adhd have been sterilized by simple, categorical definitions that hardly pierce the everyday meaning of living with adhd. I can look up adhd definitions online and get all the same answers. When I do look it up online, I am looking for personal relevancy outside the herd of generalizations…something that makes me feel the ‘aha moment’ when reading. I wrote the following as a take it or leave it suggestion that applies to people like me for what it’s worth. I will have no hard feelings if you hate it lol.

Adhd is a neurological development disorder that affects both adults and children. Many symptoms often masquerade as irresponsible behavior or character flaws when in truth, neurological development is the main factor behind adhd behaviors. Not everyone with adhd displays the same symptoms. The three subtypes of adhd are; predominately inattentive, predominately hyperactivity-impulsivity, and combined (features of both inattentive and hyperactivity). With the right tools and support systems, those diagnosed with adhd can effectively manage symptoms and overcome a distorted, negative self image that often pervades those living with adhd. You are not alone and each step we take on this unique journey in adhd awareness, from the facts of the disorder to support systems and tools available to us, is a step in the direction of a more fulfilled life.

For more information go here (I would put a link to the general catogories of adhd here and another link to a generated member forum of what specific adhd symptoms look like in the everyday for relevancy to the reader).

Thanks, lostgirl, I like it and I think we can definitely include it. The links can go in another section, under an Info tab, maybe. Glad to have your input.

Ps, I am really bad with keeping up with forums of late so forgive me if you respond and I take a while to respond back. It has been crazy! :slight_smile:

Glad you like it!

Uh-oh. Editing problem :). Maybe some LITTLE part of this into the mix:

Inattentiveness, difficulty directing attention at will, organizational challenges, a tendency to hyperfocus, distractability and impulsive behavior are obstacles to managing responsibilities that others manage with far less effort. Seeking favorable environments in which to learn and succeed in ways that capitalize on personal strengths and interests while reducing time spent learning strategies designed for others takes insight into what works best for an individual with ADD/ADHD. Finding and learning to rely upon on a streamlined process to remain focused on goals and enhance achievement or productivity is really important, but just as important are healthy habits to support physical and psychological well-being. With ADD/ADHD, environmental information is processed differently and combined with information learned by intense interest we often inspire creative solutions to problems, possess an ability to influence people positively, and create unique expression through artistic works. We’re hardworking, humane, and loyal. ADD/ADHD is a neurological difference that might require supports or accommodations; we request them respectively and expect good results. We are all awesome.

I love it! I’ll get to work on this this weekend.

hey you guys.

i think that a definition should not evoke the notion of absence of a cerebral function, a rather objective one should present it as a difference in the cerebral function (the treatment of the input) which gives a different perception of the reality and therefore a different thought that is relevant to that perception, and to that thought an adapted action these three being connected since the intellectual intergrity is intact.

this difference in perception resides in the difference in the notion of external stimuli, the threshold being much lower than the average more common brain, the ADHD brain is more easily stimulated by factors that would go unnoticed for a non ADHD brain.

this greater afference makes it harder for the brain to handle in one time unit, and that is normal, since a non ADHD person that is in a situation, that requires tackling several subjects with the same priority level, would seem quite distracted disfunctionnal and more importantly unefficient, that why people resort to self coatching and self growth technics,

may i add that: i think that what's difficult about this condition is that it wouldn't give as th ability to be normal, we're either below the normal or above it, and in order to be good at whatever we do, we need to aquire skills, skills of fast Learning, communication, of leadership, of self contrôle, of time managment , of organization in order to deal whith the mondain activities... it seems very exhausting ...but possible, possible is all a person needs to have a little faith.

Good points, kaoutar.

Kaoutar, what you wrote here rings true to me.