Have you taken the Quotient Test?

Did you ever wonder whether the questionnaire method is effective in diagnosing ADHD? Did you wonder whether a better method might be developed? Did you know that a computer test, called the Quotient ADHD test, has been developed to help pinpoint the nature and severity of ADHD?

Here are some articles on the Quotient test:




Currently, the Quotient test is not free or available online, but must be paid for and administered by a professional. Perhaps one day, this test or a similar one may be accessible to everyone. Then perhaps it could be a useful aid in understanding what helps or hinders our own cognition.

Please leave a comment if you have ever taken the Quotient test, and tell us what you learned from the experience.

I am a psychologist and had tried using the old standard questionnaire for parents and another one for teachers. I found them useless. The variations in how they are answered varies widely and wildly about the same person.

I resort to more practical areas of functioning such as homework, handing in homework, impulsiveness, oppositionalness, etc.

I no longer have a private practice and am not looking to take on anyone associated with this discussion group.

I agree about the questionnaires. They are full of leading questions and are easily skewed by the answerer's preconceptions of the child. When my kids had questionnaires done at school, the teachers' responses ranged from "severe ADHD" to "no ADHD." We decided the questionnaires were really teacher personality tests.