Great Books About ADD/ADHD

Hi everyone,

My wife and I both love to do our research, whenever something new enters our lives. Whether that something new is a puppy or a diagnosis, we both try and read literature, on the subject, to broaden our understanding and prepare in our own way, for what's to come.

In that vein, what books have you read, regarding ADD/ADHD, that you would recommend, both for patients and their loved ones?

Look forward to reading your suggestions,


I really liked Driven to Distraction, by Hallowell and Ratey. There's a new edition now. I remember looking through most of the ADHD books on the shelf at a bookstore and I kept coming back to Driven to Distraction and got so interested that I read practically the whole thing on the spot! Nothing like a little hyperfocus to perk up an ambling reader. :)