Feed Up

So many caterigies ADD people as “Lazy” if known found out that this is part of our diagnosis.

Hi Meredith,

Welcome to the group. I'm certainly not the exert here, just a helping hand to the group, and in turn they help me understand what my grandson is up against with ADHD.

You know, I've helped out on about half of the 36 Ben's Friends groups, which are mainly rare diseases, and this is a common complaint. The world still has a long way to go as far as having empathy for those who struggle with something that is other than normal, whatever normal is...

Unfortunately few bother to take the time to use the most innovative means of information we have ever had, the internet, to form some type of understanding of what their loved ones are up against. That in turn puts the responsibility on us to attempt to bring them to some form of understanding. And remember, it is difficult to understand exactly what someone else is going through, it they have no experience of it. It's kind of like trying to explain colors to a person who has never had sight.

I know you get annoyed, we all do. What I may suggest is to write out or type up a basic list of what you struggle most with, and hang it on the bathroom mirror, and send it out as emails or notes to those who matter to you.

Here is a favorite of mine, though the gal who wrote it has Lupus and Fibromyalgia, it covers just about everything...


Hang it there, we all walk in your shoes, and we're right here beside you!

Wishing you well,



You're welcome, you've come to the right place to vent about this!