Experience with ADHD support groups?

I've seen a few ADHD support groups on meetup.com and am wondering if anyone has been to any type of ADHD support group for adults, and if it was beneficial. The closest meeting is about an hour away from me. I just wonder if it is a better use of time to use online resources, however scant they are!


Check out Chadd (they have local groups) and meetup.com which has a array or great support groups and activity groups. Some groups were ok for me, most times I could not go due to scheduling conflict. Also some, local hospitals have free support groups too. There are always benefits to face to face groups as well as Internet groups.

Thank you Lostgirl!

Once a month I go to a group (not ADHD) at a hospital just 10 minutes away, whereas an ADHD group I tried awhile back was an hour away and I couldn’t make the time commitment. I like face-to-face groups as well as online. If you find you like the group it might be worth the trip.

Thank you!